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Step Up Dance Studio's Jesse Yip is the Managing Director and Franchise Owner for the world renowned dance teams and projects brought to you by Island Touch's Ataca y La Alemana, Chaves y Silvia Project and Tania Cannarsa Project. He is also the creator of Signatura Salsa and Signatura Bachata Dance Teams, performing alongside his dance partner Aleksandra Kawecka.

Contact us if you are interested in becoming a part of our teams.

We hold auditions twice a year for the following teams:


- Performance Touch Bachata Co-Ed (Island Touch Dance Academy)

- SU Sensual (Chaves y Silvia Sensual Bachata Team)

- SU Alma Negra (Tania Cannarsa Ladies Mambo Team)

- Step Up Salsa Team

We pride ourselves in having Step Up Dance Studio as a dance hub where students can expand their skills and gain all the necessary experience to make their dance dreams come true and shine on stage as performers. We believe anyone can dance and are here to help you reach all your goals in a great, family like atmosphere where you can meet people and make friends that will last for a long time.

Send us an email at or call Jesse Yip at (908)-220-5538.


We hope you can join us! New seasons information sessions coming up soon!

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